Living My Best Life—NYC to MIAMI My Final Weeks of Summer

unnamed-22.jpgSummer, you are always so good to me.

As I wrap up my second summer in the city I can’t help but to feel refreshed and accomplished. I’ve always told myself I would roam the streets of New York doing what I love, and for two summers, that has been my reality. From the 30 minute train rides into the city to work for one of the most prestigious television networks: Vh1, to having access to a Jay-Z album release party, there is no doubt in my mind that summer 2017 was one for the books.

So, before heading back to Pittsburgh to prepare for my South Beach vacation, I spent my final weekend in the City doing all the things I love. I conquered meatpacking, visited While We Were Young and went to a Van Jones speaking series in my favorite place: Harlem. Amongst all those things, visiting While We Were Young in the West Village was my favorite. It was on my list of things to do all summer, so it was only right I spent my final Saturday there with Velissa –she gets me. We decided to skip dinner and went straight after the desserts. Their carrot cake was to die for. I paired it with a glass of Rosé, because well…I love Rosé and it was the perfect drink to match my strategically Beyoncé re-enactment.

A few days later, I flew back to my hometown for about 24 hours before heading to South Beach for a quick 5-day vacation. Joined by my beautiful mother, aunt + her hubby and my cousin; Miami was the vibe I needed to wrap up the summer. While the most important thing on my agenda was tanning until I was golden, I also indulged in a little shopping, fine dining, Wynwood art galleries and experienced Miami nightlife for the first time. SO MUCH FUN! Miami was a vibe for sure, I looked and felt my best, but most importantly I spent my time there with the people I love most.

 Summer 2017 was more than I expected it to be. I learned that trusting my own process is the key to success and met people who will have an impact on me forever. My motto in life is I’m either winning or I’m learning but I dont beleive in losses. Winning + learning  was the theme for summer 2017.

Next Up: Senior Year, time to secure the bag.

Enjoy these photos of my final weekend in New York + my Miami getaway.








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