“Guess How I’m Feelin’?'” DUMBO, Brooklyn


*Cues in Jay-Z, The Story of O.J.*

Brooklyn!!! One of my favorite places in New York, but only by association of one of my favorite rappers of all time, Jay-Z (Hov).  I never really get to explore Brooklyn often because I’m staying in the Bronx and Brooklyn (depending on where you’re going in Brooklyn) can be a two-hour train ride.

I’ll be the first person to admit that as a Jay-Z enthusiast, I often find myself wanting to live his lyrics out loud. So, ever since Hov dropped 4:44, Dumbo, Brooklyn has been on my bucket list for obvious reasons. My plan was to shut my Instagram down with one of the dopest captions and location. Now, I didn’t exactly “shut Instagram down,” I’m not queen Bey, or a flawless member of the Kardashian clan. Nevertheless, a few of my followers appreciated the moment.

For anyone who doesn’t know where Dumbo is or what it stands for, it’s a neighborhood in Downtown Brooklyn and an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. It’s one of the many gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn, which according to Hov property can worth up to 25 million. 

Click here to read more about Dumbo and its History

So, on Sunday I had the luxury of driving over to get a glimpse of the neighborhood and attempt to get my money shot for the gram. Once I arrived I realized I wasn’t introduced to the area by The Story of O.J.   Teona lived a few blocks up from the area last summer so naturally; we explored and fantasized about the idea of living in this part of Brooklyn.

It’s safe to say that Jay-Z killed (ALL PUN INTENDED) my dream of living in a brown stone in Dumbo, at least for now. However, I can say that my trip was very successful and I did get a few shots with the most beautiful view of the City!

You can stream Jay-Z, 4:44 today on Tidal + Apple Music

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