Pittsburgh raised us, State College made us, and New York paid us, what’s next?

Summer 2016 was definitely one for the books. We were granted opportunities that we will cherish for a lifetime.  We were blessed to intern at Oprah Magazine (Teona Ringgold), and Fingerprint Communication, Lifestyle and Entertainment Firm (Jayla Akers).  We quickly noticed that the opportunities accessible for two incoming juniors were endless.  From the casual encounters with Gayle King, to branding concerts at the Barclay’s Center, we learned that working hard in the Big City had its perks. Yes, we were determined to work hard, but we were even more determined to play harder.  Making a name for ourselves was top priority on our list, and that’s exactly what we did. We stayed later than scheduled, helped in areas that weren’t expected, and most importantly motivated each other. No, it wasn’t easy, yes it was stressful, but we made it! The Concrete Jungle was the rebirth of The Posh Girls. It was the match we needed to light the fire we always knew was inside of us.

As we enter summer 2017, that ambitious flame still exists. We each decided to use last summer as the blueprint for achieving new heights in new positions. Take Teona for example, she discovered her love for  magazines and has taken internship positions with Pittsburgh and Inclub Magazines.  Both in which she’s able to expand her knowledge and apply her skills in the industry. Jayla has decided to return back to the concrete jungle and pursue internships with the VH1 network and Dsquared. Jayla is tackling both high-end fashion and the entertainment industry, two fields that she loves.

While this is the first summer that The Posh Girl’s will ever be apart (no, seriously), we’re both expecting great things from each other. The possibilities are endless, and one thing that we have learned for sure is that hard work pays off. Together we will take our skills and experiences and bind them to take over a city near you.

To the Posh Boss reading this, remember to take full advantage of any and every opportunity that comes your way. You have the chance to design your own destiny.

Dream, Believe and Achieve.


The Posh Girls


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